Some of what you can get at AJ’s

icecream sundaes in glass bowls with whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries on top

Dairy, Produce, Sandwiches & More

refrigerated shelves full of sour cream, cartons of eggs, orange juice, sliced cheese, cream cheese, and other dairy and deli items

Hors D’Oeuvres

baskets full of sliced cheese, shelf stable sliced meats, baguettes, wine, and other horsdoeuvres

Soft Drinks

refrigerated shelves of cold soft drinks, sodas, juices, etc

Local Craft & National Beers

Along with Hard Seltzers for the Beach or Pool

shelves full of various brands of beer

Everyday Essentials

store display of various toiletries including advil, condoms, cough medicine, eye drops, pain medicine, etc

Chips and Nuts

pile of bags of chips, seeds, nuts, jerky, popcorn, and other snacks

Everything You’d Expect from your Local Market and More!

split image with over the counter medicines and toiletries on the left with paper towels and plastic cutlery on the right

Great Selection of Wines

Cigarettes & Tobacco

Candy & Energy Bars

shelves of packs of gum, bars of chocolate, and other candy